CinemaGraph Teachnique- Unique One

I always wondering that why everyone is always fascinated with visual elements including me.But the main reason for this is the unique style and techniques which impress us visually and here’s the example of most fascinating thing for me as a visualiser called “Cinemagraph”

The term “cinemagraph” was introduced by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used the technique to animate their fashion and news photographs beginning in early 2011.

I first noticed this kinda thing when i watched harry portter series they used this thing which looks very amazing at screen i can say very “FASCINATING”

Thanks to the artist’s who introduced this thing to us. Cheers for them

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In the visual effects industry, the term rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background.

Rotoscoping has often been used as a tool for visual effects in live-action movies. By tracing an object, the moviemaker creates a silhouette (called a matte) that can be used to extract that object from a scene for use on a different background. While blue and green screen techniques have made the process of layering subjects in scenes easier, rotoscoping still plays a large role in the production of visual effects imagery.

There are two categories of rotoscoping in viusal effects.First is “VFX ROTOSCOPING” where we only focus on the outer areas and not to worry about the inner part of the object because we don’t need to create a fake depth for our scene.But if we want to create a fake depth to our movie which looks virtual realistic on screen.This technique is known as “STEREOSCOPING”and This type of movies are often shoot with the normal cameras and after shooting we generate the depth map for movie at post production where we need to create a depth map by manually tracing the scene on software through ROTOSCOPING process this kind of rotoscoping is called “STEREOSCOPING ROTOSCOPE”but the tasking for this type of rotoscoping is not too easy because we have to focus on the inner and outer part of an object.Stereoscopic movies are nowadays on demand,and market has launched stereoscoping cameras where it will automatically capture the scene and provide the depth map for stereo conversion.But in terms of rotoscoping depth map will created by manually.and tasking will be different from vfx rotoscoping.

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Hitchcock Theme-Psycho( Funcut Workshop Output)

Hitchcock Theme-Psycho from DEEPAK’S CUT on Vimeo.

It was my pleasure to be a part of  one workshop named “Fun Cut” conducted by Mr Manish Sharma(my mentor) and me for aspiring filmmakers .It was a 6 days workshop which includes fundamental of composition,use of lenses and lighting study for different shoots.after that there was a small portion of editing where i need to shot anything and show them how to setup a scene in different lighting conditions.As a cinematographer i planned something different for them and took one small room in day light  then create a light setup for night scene and shot a scene on “PSYCHO THEME”  Filmmaking is very tedious job but still we enjoyed a lot during shoot then next day i edited the shot and show them how we do edit on this kind of theme because suspense editing is challenging as always.

“I always try to copy his camera moves,lighting setup,characterization,character expressions. You know to whom i am talking about none other then “The Master of Suspense” Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock ..Thanks for giving such a wonderful cinema to us.” # RESPECT #deepak’s cut #vfxforever


In this video i’ll talk about my tricks for Dslr cinematography.
which color profile is best for your video and how we can enhance our video quality in post production.
also covering the concept behind legal and illegal color correction.
Hope it will help you

Department of External Affairs-Award winning Vfx short film

In year 2014 reliance announced a short film competition for 3d visual effects artist and film makers where we can participate on nominal charges and show our artworks to others.when we got to know about this thing.I participated with 5 students to this contest in sci-fi category which is my personal favourite.My first challenge was to make something new which was not seen before.Then i decided to take one student assignment which was so interesting for me when i got it from him during my compositing classes.His name is Mohnish Vaish -you can check his work to follow this link-

now when i took something which had a good concept and story line. we need to focus on our film making and camera selection. first we start to experimenting with stock footage and shoot the pre-visualization scenes as much as we could shot on location for lighting study of our movie.The main benefit was to already have a basic pre-visualisation which was done by mohnish earlier.So we just need to focus on the key elements like 3d assets,Hd footage,camera angles etc. we did our film making with canon 700D.

the main challenge was to create stock elements on our PCs.Which was not too high configured.we did this project on Aftereffects,fusion,Photoshop,premiere.I was not too happy with the final output but i was sure it could be impressing for anyone.

finally we submitted the movie to the jury members .The total duration for this project was 2 months.When results were out we got a price on vfx categories.we also have submitted some 2d,3d and live action film making work from our side.But we won on this category only.

The overall credit goes to my students mohnish who made this concept for us and all my 360 team members -Mohnish Gurjar(TL),Mayur Soni,Harshit Pathak,Avni Joshi,Pawan Mahale and other supporting cast.

Soon i will share the breakdown of this short film.

Please check this out-



Breakdowns of “GAME OVER” vfxshort Film

Hear is one of my sci-fi short film project named “GAME OVER”-year 2014

I have decided to make this short film when i was doing my diploma course but it was not possible to that time due to some reasons then finally i made this project with my students even when they did not very perfect with all visual effects techniques.we make this project on Photoshop,aftereffects and premiere.i used to add little bit 3d elements to make this movie was totally fun to made this project with my students from storyboard to final compositing.

whenever i get a chance to  take workshop of any visual effects keener i take this project first to explaining the pre-planning and  RnD for any visual effects short film.

Here are some breakdown plates of this project.Soon i’ll come with video demonstrations of this project.

3 2 4 5 7 6


Perfect Frame by Perfect hand


When we spend quality time with quality peoples like you #Harjeet sir

anybody will smile like us..i know that day was hectic but not for me and my friend harsh when we went for pre-wedding shot along with you.I still remember the discussions and camera tricks which you’re using for your projects.

Very informative and lovely

Thank you so much Harjeet Sir-cinematographer