Here is the my recent vfx film for one competition created on very short period of time but still won first prize in vfx category.This clip was influenced with one of my favorite film “Kungfu Hustle” i tried to re create that gun shot scene in my way.i planned this scene on one small room with dark lighting condition and shot this  film in approx 1 hours  .Before i do my shooting i created a rough story board and done some pre -visualization work for the shot which gave me good idea to shot this low budget  film.when you don’t have good resources for your movie always do good Rnd work for the movie and plan your movie according to your resources which will gives you the  flexibility for do best things.the camera which i used to shot this film was   “nikon-D7000′ and that time i only had one lens which was 35mm prime f/1.8. so i planned this shot on prim lens which was again a challenge for me to create any movie through prime lens and i did it,then i moved to vfx and compositing work and change the look n feel of my shot i wanted. Although it was a student competition i learn a lot like always during the process “CHEERS FOR MY TEAM” that’s why i love my teaching profession. hope this blog post will boost your mind to do good and small things on visual communication industry.


Regards – vfxforever.com



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