Your Idea’s & Execution- Old Reel

That Year was 2010 when i decided to compile all my small idea’s together into a reel which you can say my first so called “SHOWREEL” because in our field if you don’t have anything to show that means you are wasting your time here you need to change your taste.

For freelancing ,official job and society respect only one thing is required which is your reel & portfolio.i did lots of Rnd work before making my first reel .i asked google “how to make a good reel?” and i got some blog those were saying that your reel length should be in between 1 min to 2 min maximum. although i was very confuse because i had lots of experiments which i have done for my VFX & Filmmaking. But after reading the blog on google i decided to add some of my best footage’s on my first reel. I knew that my video quality was not too good but i just wanted to show my visual experience on small duration. Yes it was not easy but i tried so much for it.Then finally i made this reel.It took one month for final compilation.After rendering  i wanted to see the response of my mentors and friends for my reel.and i got the positive response from their side.But it was now the END

Soon i received the best comment from someone who was taking my interview for his company names “PI studio,Hyderabad”  they wanted 5 junior compositors and motion designers for their company.while i was showing my reel to him and my reel intro was began he paused the video and said who did this title sequence at the beginning .I said “Sir,I did this on 3ds max and after effects” then he said to me” Are you ready to re locate” i said ” Why not Sir”and i got the job as a junior compositor in Hyderabad.:DDDDD

I shared this incident with you all because i wanted to tell you that always believe  on your works and experiments. no matter how small and silly it was… carry on experimenting new things


Happy  n safe ending  #vfxforever

Any Que & Something to add ?

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